GripRings Bicycle Grip Concept by Spurcycle

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On April 23, 2012
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GripRings Bicycle Grip Concept by Spurcycle

Designer says:
GripRings are currently a clever idea in pre-production form. The concept is pretty simple. In fact, chop a heavy rubber tube into sections and you have our first prototype: grip rings.

Each grip is no longer an indivisible part. Instead, each grip is configured by stacking rings onto the handlebar against one another. It means you can use as few or as many rings as you want to change the width of your grips, extra wide or even down to the little grips used with twist-shifters.

The design has advantages beyond just length customization. Until now, it was difficult to mount grips inset from the handlebar edge, such as near the stem. Narrow or wide, GripRings can be installed more places.

Finally, since each grip is built from a series of colored rings, our grips achieve a new level of playful pattern making. Team colors are an obvious option. But there are way more possibilities than pennant waving might suggest. There are 12 colors and 14 locations across two standard length grips. How many permutations does that make? 1.28391846e+15.

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2012 GripRings Bicycle Grip
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