Hermes Spacecraft Concept by STAR Systems

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On April 5, 2012
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Hermes Spacecraft
Hermes Spacecraft Concept by STAR Systems

Designer says:
We are developing the Hermes Spacecraft: a reusable suborbital spacecraft that will take passengers and payloads into space. We want to provide the ultimate joyride, a thrilling ride to space where passengers can experience zero gravity, see the curvature of the Earth below and the star-filled black sky above. Our mantra is “Space for All”, and we want to provide affordable spaceflight for all future astronauts waiting to go!

We have a full scale prototype of the Hermes structure already created. We’ve also made great progress on several other subsystems. We need your help to create a full size prototype of our rocket motors.

STAR Systems Hermes Spacecraft Design Hermes Spacecraft Concept 2012 Hermes Spacecraft

Design by STAR Systems


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