Ink’d Biodegradable Pen Concept by Kerry & Kevin Davis

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On April 20, 2012
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Inkd Biodegradable Pen
Ink’d Biodegradable Pen Concept by Kerry & Kevin Davis

Designer says:
Our ink’d pens are made from an impressive new material which we call Bio’bon. Bio’bon decomposes into carbon and water quickly, and leaves no toxic residues or substances behind. Think of it as an awesome, clean and responsible alternative to plastic, but with better color and texture.

To discard it simply remove the ink refill before you throw the body or barrel of the pen into the compost or stick it in the ground. Voila!

We designed ink’d to look modern and striking by creating a contoured triangular barrel. The pen has soft edges, a contemporary look and feel and is easy and comfortable to grip. It also won’t roll off your desk the second you turn away. We also knew that we wanted our pen to be amazing to write with. Therefore, we made sure to select top grade ink; ink that would last longer than other pens, not leak and glide across any writing surface. Finally, we wanted ink’d to truly be representative of you. So, we created 8 interchangeable cap and body colors so you can make combinations that you’ll love. Think “controlled chaos.” We want you to go crazy over colors!

Ink’d is a consumer product that we think has the potential to change the school and office supply market. Not only is it becoming more important than ever for businesses and schools to go green, we have created something that is modern, exciting and deeply personal. We are almost there. The designs have been completed, samples have been tested and pricing has been set. Everything looks fantastic. However, to ensure we launch ink’d aggressively in hundreds of stores and give it a chance to really take off, we need to produce a large number of ink’d pens in a short period of time. With your support, we can purchase the raw materials necessary to make enough ink’d pens to stock the shelves of retailers all across the United States for the back-to-school season THIS year.

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Design by Kerry & Kevin Davis [via]


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