Koishi Planter Pot Concept by Noel Zahra

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On April 28, 2012
Last modified:April 28, 2012


Koishi Planter Pot
Koishi Planter Pot Concept by Noel Zahra monitors the activity in just a plant and transforms it straight into an audio-visual improvisational performance. Many of us can’t talk to plants but interacting can be different. It’s nice to put a plant in the limelight for a change. The particular music played through the pot will be produced instantaneously. It’s more than just a new pot, it’s an instrument; controlled by simply your plant – imagine cooking on the sound of your basil plant in your kitchen. Koishi Planter Pot concept changes the perspective of plants from a piece regarding furniture to being any plant that gives back again too. This concept supplies amazing calming effect, ideal for meditation. It’s quite easy to use, everyone can make use of it – no knobs as well as anything. Just location the plant on the enclosure as well as sit back.

2012 Koishi Planter Pot Concept Design Koishi Planter Pot Concept Concept Koishi Planter Pot

Noel Zahra Koishi Planter Pot Concept
Designed by Noel Zahra


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