MG Icon Concept Car

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On April 22, 2012
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MG Icon Concept Car
MG Icon Concept Car is a proposal for a future compact crossover which will be launched in China within the next few years. SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation), which own MG, are in the procedure of trying to return the actual British marque back to a profitable company creating cars people might truly want to buy. His or her first all-new model, the MG6, has been recently in showrooms in the UK for around a year currently. But during that will time it’s notched up fairly abysmal sales numbers, party due to low perceived high quality. In China however items are looking better to the brand. Mainly because top quality is a relative thing, and also most car customers in China are quickly pleased. MG Car Concept Icon is the subsequent big step for MG, it’s also MG’s first ever crossover car. The styling is mentioned to be inspired by the traditional MGB GT, but any connection among the two will be more or a smaller amount limited to the truth both vehicles have four wheels.

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