Odyssey Flip Face Putter Concept by Odyssey

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On April 19, 2012
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Odyssey Flip Face Putter
Odyssey Flip Face Putter Concept by Odyssey will change the way a person play golf. The new flip face putters from Odyssey have been designed to be adjustable in contrast to anything else you’ve even encountered in golf. Now, golfers can have 2 putters in one club, within this model, one side of the face features Metal-X Insert for more governed and consistent roll while the other side features White Ice Insert for softer golf balls and increasing friction to promote forward roll. You can quickly customize your current putter to get the best performance on the course, that offers you rate differential as well as roll differential all throughout one golf club. The multi-layer of White Ice Insert is great to enhance sound, responsiveness, resiliency and consistency. The inner core is actually great for hitting with controlled distance, the actual face surface has been roughened for increased impact of soft golf balls.

2012 Odyssey Flip Face Putter Concept
Metal-X Insert of Odyssey Flip Face Putter gives you with consistent functionality, true roll on the ball as well as great feedback and feel. The 6061 aluminum striking layer’s oval depressions maximize the mechanised lock with the golf ball dimples to enhance friction and impart proper launch of the golf ball, which in turn creates a new much more controlled as well as consistent roll. The Urethane inner layer provides soft touch as well as saves weight to optimize functionality.

Design Odyssey Flip Face Putter Concept

Odyssey Flip Face Putter Golf Concept
Design by Odyssey


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