Oracle Stations Concept by Salvador Orara

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On April 8, 2012
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Oracle Stations
Oracle Stations Concept by Salvador Orara involves the creation regarding three Oracle Stations. Oracle Stations are interactive systems for observing smart phones which have an effect on other smart phones with no a physical or virtual connection. Every single Oracle Station is designed to amplify along with utilize the inner voice of a specifically tailored wise phone, the Oracle. Visitors are generally invited to assist their devices at each station: in order to enable their device to discover its relationship to the Oracle. Each Oracle Station is built after the behavior from the Oracle. This behavior is actually something which I have influence over yet ultimately cannot handle. The Oracle Stations offer us a great entrance, a peak into an additional reality. They offer us any chance to realize our smart phones in a very new way, instead of seeing them as resources, toys, or gizmo’s. The myths surrounding these specific Oracles have already been created by smart phones to get rid of themselves from the banality of their particular everyday lives with us.

Listener Oracle Stations Rambler Oracle Stations Concept

Whisperer Oracle Stations Concept Salvador Orara
Design by Salvador Orara


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