PARAFREE Wheelchair Concept by Felix Lange

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On April 4, 2012
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Parafree Wheelchair
Parafree Wheelchair Concept by Felix Lange is a sporty core-body training machine for paraplegics with the outstanding benefit of comfort in everyday use. Its design language and structure support active users in self-confidence and independence as you already know, sport can be a passion and helps reduce depression. Sport inspires hope and eases disappointments. This concept wheelchair compels the paralyzed user to keep balance permanently.

2012 Parafree Wheelchair Concept

2013 Parafree Wheelchair Design
The unique and minimalist frame structure of this wheelchair is made of low-cost hydroformed industrial steel. It is light-weight as well as aluminum structure models and retains its necessary rigidity by adapting geometries known from bicycles. The flexible PARACORE base-element under an innovative customized seat-shell leads to a stable sitting experience.

Paraplegics Parafree Wheelchair
The paraplegic who is just able to use the upper part of his body defines abdominals, back muscles and in total all tiny deep muscles of the core body. The interaction of arms and core muscles leads to an upright position and reduces orthopedic damage.

Design Parafree Wheelchair Concept

Concept Parafree Wheelchair
The Paracore-Element of Parafree wheelchair copies the three-dimensional movements of human discogenics. This allows a wider range of interactions. Different designs allow for the foamy element to be covered over with benefits like companion-handlebar, optional back lean or luggage rack. The medical aid product “Wheelchair” thereby becomes an innovative training and minimalist streamlined product.

Training Machine Parafree Wheelchair Pivotpoint Parafree Wheelchair Paracore Parafree Wheelchair

Felix Lange Parafree Wheelchair Concept
Design by Felix Lange


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