Peel Toaster Design Concept by HJC Design

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On April 19, 2012
Last modified:April 19, 2012


Peel Toaster
Peel Toaster Design Concept by HJC Design – Just like the coffee device and the cordless kettle, this toaster capabilities attractive design with cool blue light. It is said that this kitchenware range will be created in spring 2012. This toaster has been recently designed with significant slots in order to cater a wider array of bread types, a new crumb tray and a manual plunger with automatic activation. The subtle blue LED bands indicate when toasting is throughout process, user can adjust the heat as they similar to. This appliance automatically shuts off when it’s done.

2012 Peel Toaster Design
The industrial layout theory behind the Peel range has been driven by HJC’s holistic design strategy which integrates target user insights in to the product design strategy. This user-centred design tactic ensures HJC’s product designs are optimised pertaining to usability, technical performance and aesthetic desirability.

Concept Peel Toaster Design

HJC Design Peel Toaster Design Concept
Design by HJC Design


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