Podprop Smartphone Stand Concept by Ken Malsan

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On April 23, 2012
Last modified:April 22, 2012


Podprop Smartphone Stand
Podprop Smartphone Stand Concept by Ken Malsan is a simple, one-piece stand that can end up being utilized by distinct kinds of smartphones and other modest mobile devices. It works wonderful for all iPhone models along with most other like-sized electronic devices with view screens (BlackBerry, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Droids, LG, iPods, etc). The universal design means the idea doesn’t have to be replaced each time you find something new. This particular light, portable stand is easy to be able to use and move around. Because it has no attached wires or imbedded connectors, it is possible to quickly slip your unit in and out. Your not-too-tight sizing provides enough room for silicone or plastic cases. The Podprop is made involving high-quality polyurethane foam encased in a durable vinyl coating – so it’s easy to clean and also hard to break. Your stand has some flex to that, and will snap back into shape if squeezed.

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Ken Malsan Podprop Smartphone Stand Concept
Design by Ken Malsan


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