Sessac Humidifier Concept by by Wonsang Lee

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On April 11, 2012
Last modified:April 10, 2012


Sessac Humidifier
Sessac Humidifier Concept by by Wonsang Lee takes white bucket form into design consideration in lieu of black bucket to provide clean as well as classic look on this product. The word Sessac itself implies sprout in Korean, it is reflected clearly about this humidifier design. It really is constructed of cylindrical water tank with handle, a sprout shaped float mechanism that includes water filter, sonicator and exhaust nozzle. Pretty adorable humidifier design.

2012 Sessac Humidifier
All you need to do just fill the water tank and the sprout will slowly float onto the surface. Whenever Sessac Humidifier transforms the water into steam, slowly and gradually the sprout moves downward to permit you know concerning the water level. The lengthy narrow nozzle prevents wet floor around this particular humidifier.

2013 Sessac Humidifier Concept Design Sessac Humidifier Sprout Sessac Humidifier Concept

Wonsang Lee Sessac Humidifier Concept
Design by Wonsang Lee


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