TEK-LITE Flashlight Concept by David Prater

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On April 5, 2012
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TEK-LITE Flashlight Concept by David Prater

David says:
is the “future of the flashlight” with its hands-free and “head-free” design. We’ve designed the TEK-LITE so that you no longer have to hold a flashlight in your mouth while trying to work in those tight places and no longer have to strap an uncomfortable headlamp to your forehead in order to use both hands. We’ve spent years designing and developing, and have finally designed a final product perfect for the flashlight enthusiasts out there. The TEK-LITE uses four super-bright 8MM LED bulbs to produce over 300 lumens of light output, while its durable design makes it a long-lasting tool. We’ve gone through dozens of hand-made prototypes and are to the point now where we need help from you. With your pledges, we’ll be able to set up tooling and machining of the TEK-LITE as well as purchase raw materials in bulk so that we can grow to the next level. All pledges are greatly appreciated!!

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Flashlight TEK LITE
Design by David Prater [via]


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