Toknee Garbage Bin Concept by Yash Mevada

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On April 3, 2012
Last modified:April 2, 2012


Toknee Garbage Bin
Toknee Garbage Bin Concept by Yash Mevada helps not just in segregating the waste but also focuses on improving the particular social status of Ragpickers. With all the help of a basket on the bin these ragpickers will currently have an effortless and clean access in order to segregated waste and also make his or her work easier. Your ragpicking community earns a living by collecting, sorting and also selling on garbage regarding recycling. The work will be hard, hazardous and the pay out is often a smaller amount than $1 per day. Problems are unhealthy and without having proper protection the ragpicking community faces the actual threat of infection and disease through working so closely using garbage.

2012 Toknee GarbageBin Design Toknee Garbage Bin Concept

Yash Mevada Toknee Garbage Bin Concept
Design by Yash Mevada


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