URBAN.POD Vehicle Concept by Paulo Encarnai

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On April 14, 2012
Last modified:April 13, 2012


URBAN.POD Compact Vehicle Concept by Paulo Encarnai has been designed pertaining to you to explore the urban jungle in style. It’s a small 1+2 city car aimed at both young and knowledgeable drivers that want to explore the actual city with style and basic safety. It is primarily built through bio-degradable plastics (bio-plastics), which can be made via several natural sources similar to vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, sugar cane etc. This compact car also offers many solutions to increase the particular safety of the passengers and also decrease traffic with car-to-car sensors pertaining to optimal traffic. The images on this vehicle pretty much describe its style, stylish, futuristic and cute car.

Futuristic URBAN.POD Vehicle City Car URBAN.POD Concept Concept URBAN.POD Vehicle Design URBAN.POD Vehicle Concept Paulo Encarnai URBAN.POD Vehicle Concept

2012 URBAN.POD Vehicle
Design by Paulo Encarnai


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