Wacom Realism Pen Concept by Matej Korytar

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On April 13, 2012
Last modified:April 12, 2012


Wacom Realism Pen
Wacom Realism Pen Concept by Matej Korytar is a design proposal for Wacom that can scan any color through literally anything around you and use your color for drawing. This pen equipped using simple software can allow you to paint realistic portraits or any breath using landscape pictures. The difference between Realism Pen and Color Picker will be that this device is actually dedicated to be used with Wacom devices although other compatible gadgets should also be able to utilize it also. The heat from user’s hands is used to power this specific pen.

2012 Wacom Realism Pen Concept Futuristic Wacom Realism Pen Design Wacom Realism Pen Concept Wacom Realism Pen

Matej Korytar Wacom Realism Pen Concept
Design by Matej Korytar


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