Bourgeois iPhone Case Concept by ARKWHAT

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On May 12, 2012
Last modified:May 10, 2012


Bourgeois iPhone Case
Bourgeois iPhone Case Concept by ARKWHAT gives iPhone people more option to gown their phones once you get your look. Bourgeois case features 800+ facets that will upscale your iPhone one stage further, sparkles in your side while offering ergonomic distinctive surface which is comfortable to hold. This Bourgeois Case is composed of 3 primary elements: the front ring, the outer case along with the rear ring. The front ring acts as a security layer, this plastic pad is located involving the outer case as well as your iPhone. It is specifically designed to protect the device from drops and shocks, you can declare it serves as a extra absorber. The outer scenario holds the aesthetic aspect, made out of a see-thorugh thermoplastic which is shatter-resistant, highly-reflective and extremely lightweight. The last an example may be the rear ring, the idea secures your i phone inside the case. A corner ring is made of poly-carbon having a wide variety of color choices.

2012 Bourgeois iPhone Case Concept Design Bourgeois iPhone Case Concept Futuristic Bourgeois iPhone Case Concept

ARKWHAT Bourgeois iPhone Case Concept
Design by ARKWHAT


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