FIAT Eye Vehicle Concept by Dinard Da Mata

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On May 16, 2012
Last modified:May 16, 2012


Fiat Eye
Fiat Eye Vehicle Concept by Dinard Da Mata was developed in order to boost space, and aiding individual displacement in big cities. The system can be balanced gyroscopically, technology equipped in this vehicle enables the car to monitor the surrounding environment, making decisions in relation to this site, stabilizing its balance according to every single presented circumstance, an intelligent personal vehicle. Produced by Dinard Da Mata, this futuristic personal vehicle features elliptical wheels how the tires rotate while synchronized treadmill rotation, enabling the vehicle to swivel around its axis and earn other moves inside irregular obstacles. Fiat Eyesight has electric space, which makes it ecologically correct. Its control software provides convenience, your distribution of the navigation mechanisms are positioned anatomically.

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Dinard Da Mata Fiat Eye Vehicle Concept
Design by Dinard Da Mata


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