Horologicode LCD Watch Redesign Concept by Samuel Jerichow

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On May 19, 2012
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Horologicode Watch
Horologicode LCD Watch Concept by Samuel Jerichow

Sam says:
The inspiration for this concept comes from barcodes. My idea was to use a barcode not just as stylish display element but to tell the time in a way, the wearer can actually decipher. In the industry next to the bars also the gaps between them contain information. This watch concept uses this principle.

When you look at the display, you see several thick and thin bars that also have different lengths and the gaps between them also vary in width. This looks pretty confusing at first but really cool.
To read the time, first concentrate on the gaps. There are 13 gaps of which the first 12 tell the hours and the last one is a PM indicator. A narrow gap means nothing – it’s a mere separator for the bars. You have to count the wide gaps.

The next step is the 10 minute increments. Now you concentrate on the bars. Thin bars aren’t important for the minutes at all. They just separate the gaps. You have to count the thick ones from the left. It’s about the 10 minute steps so you count up until 5.

The remaining 9 bars on the right side of the barcode represent the single minutes that have to be counted from the right and then added to the previously counted minutes. Here again, the thick ones are of interest. Each third bar is a bit longer so you can quickly count in steps of three bars.

Every barcode looks different and is a little challenge each time you want to tell the time. But people have went through harder issues than counting up to 12 with help. The display has the technical and modern barcode look and the fact it confuses people but is actually readable makes it charming.

The watch design breaks the edginess and provides an elegant shape that turns the rational barcode into a stylish array of curves. The display is technically simple – LCD. It is covered by a gradient layer that let’s the display fade out. There can be colored LCD on a chrome background or black LCD on a colored background. In any case, this concept is a fashionable and geeky jewel.

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Samuel Jerichow Horologicode LCD Watch Concept
Design by Samuel Jerichow [via]


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