Razer Ferox Speaker Concept by Razer

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On May 1, 2012
Last modified:May 1, 2012


Razer Ferox Speaker
Razer Ferox Speaker Concept by Razer is an ultra lightweight stereo speaker that intends to prove everyone around you that size isn’t a matter whatsoever. Physically more tiny than any other stereo system speakers available on the market, Razer assures that the consumer will have an because of this world experience with a new sonic attack like it’s unlikely that any other. Despite its form factor, Razer surprises the user by providing 3600-degrees of omni-directional acoustics. Razer Ferox is a advanced, contemporary day boombox for games, as explained by the president involving Razer, Rober RazerGuy Krakoff. Taking up very petite space, its sleek and solid construction delivers crystal clear sound quality that proves perfect for gaming or for audio playback no matter where you might be. Available with a convenient travel case, Razer Ferox is truly versatile.

Design Razer Ferox Speaker Concept Gaming Razer Ferox Speaker

2012 Razer Ferox Speaker Concept
Design by Razer


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