Safe Cracker Watch Concept by Andrew

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On May 24, 2012
Last modified:May 23, 2012


Safe Cracker Watch
Safe Cracker Watch Concept by Andrew

Andrew says:
The following concept is based on the design & layout of the Dials on the front of a security safe. In order to open a safe you need to know the combination as with this design the combination displayed at the opening / Time marking is equal to the current time. That is why I call this design the: Safe Cracker.

This watch differs from a standard analogue watch design because it uses three rotating dial instead of Hands. The Outer Largest Dial Hours: 1-12, followed by a smaller ten minute dial & finally the smallest centre Single Minute dial: 0-9.

Furthermore their is a back light in the Time Display region of this watch to so that the time can be clear & AM/PM in the top Right hand corner of the Watch.

This watch will appeal to those people who are looking for a analogue watch but want something different.

The Safe Cracker watch design is an unusual take on a standard Analogue watch display.

Design by Andrew [via]


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