Snakes Portable Speaker Concept by Junonna Trotsiuk

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On May 6, 2012
Last modified:May 3, 2012


Snakes Speaker
Snakes Portable Speaker Concept by Junonna Trotsiuk is a set of easily transportable speakers that can be controlled to any size as well as orientation, for your tuning in pleasure. They can be utilised together or individually and are in about three versions: small, channel and large. These Bluetooth enabled slytherines come with built-in mics and good for conferences as well.

Junonna says:
“The main feature of the columns is that they easily transform as you like. You can rotate each segment about its axis by 360 degrees and still they have a good sound to 360 degrees. This adds functionality and entertainment.”

2012 Snakes Portable Speaker Concept Design Snakes Portable Speaker Concept

Junonna Trotsiuk Snakes Speaker Concept
Design by Junonna Trotsiuk


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