SuujiMaru Watch Concept by Samuel Jerichow

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On May 30, 2012
Last modified:May 29, 2012


SuujiMaru Watch
SuujiMaru Watch Concept by Samuel Jerichow

Sam says:
This concept began experimentally with sketching for hexagon based numbers. After a while, the numbers developed into these round ones, that consist of six circle segments and a center dot. I played with the number layout and soon everything reminded me of some sci-fi technology.
I continued with this theme and so SuujiMaru was born.

The numbers are aligned vertically and framed by a rounded, also illuminated border. Numbers and border are connected by extra segments within specific rules and create an alien looking circuitry. Time reading is more or less challenging. One rule has to be kept in mind, then it’s super easy: Each circular number is a direct transformation of a classical 7-segment number. Maybe a circuit-off mode would be helpful to get used to these numbers. The long and slim rounded case was a logical consequence of the display. It’s based upon a cone and forms a smooth geometry with the straps.
Summing up, SuujiMaru is a stylish geeky piece of technology for sci-fi fans.

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Samuel Jerichow SuujiMaru Watch Concept
Design by Samuel Jerichow [via]


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