Cyclops Colour Coded Watch Concept by Dietrich

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On June 16, 2012
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Cyclops Watch
Cyclops Colour Coded Watch Concept by Dietrich

Dietrich says:
This watch would be a real attention grabber, because it’s colourful! I could see this watch catering to both genders, and to a discerning demographic. It would look both sophisticated and playful – not childish and not too “brainy”. Anyone who loves colours would love this watch.

Explanation Cyclops Colour Coded Watch Concept Images

Dietrich Cyclops Colour Coded Watch Concept
Cyclops is a revamp of a previous design submission – the new design uses a square interface instead of a round one. Dietrich says: The original idea came to me when I was looking at designs on the Tokyoflash website and thinking that many of them are based on “codes” of some sort. Then I hit upon the idea of colour codes. User can choose between two main modes: “Cyclops” mode and “Up-down” mode. In each one, three areas are colour-coded to represent the numbers from 1 – 12. After looking at the colour-code chart and a few example watch faces, it’s easy to see how to tell the time. The watch is also colour-blind friendly, because it provides date and time cheat modes, as well as an animated “time and date” mode with fireworks. The fireworks could optionally be set to light up every hour, drawing attention to the user. This design has sophistication and practicality, as well as beauty. The colourful design makes it stand apart. The code is partially derived from “ROYGBIV” to make learning easy. The cheat modes and the “time and date” mode make it accessible to colour blind people and learners. An optional standby mode would conserve power. It is very unique.

2012 Cyclops Colour Coded Watch Futuristic Cyclops Colour Coded Watch Concept TokyoFlash Cyclops Colour Coded Watch Concept

Design Cyclops Colour Coded Watch Concept
Design by Dietrich [via]


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