Mobile Charger Concept by Arun Paul

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On June 10, 2012
Last modified:June 9, 2012


Mobile Charger
Mobile Charger Concept by Arun Paul have became a crucial part in the day to day individual life. Arun Paul presents a handy as well as easy to use concept charger. The center of attention of this charger could be the design which makes it cozy to carry anywhere. Winding system is used in this so that the wire should go inside and come rear easily. Along with the insert, the plug green can also be folded inside so that user can transport it quite easily. For keeping the mobile phone although charging, there’s a special supply which can be used anytime required. The asking indicator informs us in regards to the charging status and the indicator turns away when charge is full.

2012 Mobile Charger Concept Design Futuristic Cool Mobile Charger Concept

Arun Paul Mobile Charger Concept
Design by Arun Paul


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