NO K.O. Milk Frother Concept by EmamiDesign

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On June 21, 2012
Last modified:June 21, 2012


NO K.O. Milk Frother Concept
NO K.O. Milk Frother Concept by EmamiDesign doesn’t fall over or roll away, merely let it standing on your current tabletop, no more messy rings on the table. Sensible product design isn’t this? It leaves just tidy impression, it takes little space at the same time. NO K.E milk frother bounces back to an upright position by itself, thanks a lot to its low stability point of the half-round metal bottom. Aside from this excellent feature, the unique attention has been granted when it comes to organic shape and smooth style to allow its consumer to easily clean it. Thus, aside from being helpful device when you build your morning coffee, additionally, it offers entertainment benefit and nice interior decorating.

2012 NO K.O. Milk Frother Concept Design
Design by Emami Design


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