Wires Watch Concept Design by Samuel Jerichow

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On June 27, 2012
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Wires Watch
Wires Watch Concept Design by Samuel Jerichow

Samuel says:
My inspiration for this watch is the wireframe based visualisation of 3D models in the computer. Automan’s car impressed me back then in the 80′s, when computer graphics became more and more popular. I wanted a similar looking minimalistic watch with emphasized edges which define its outline and necessary details.

This watch design is made of durable and flexible plastic. White, phosphorescent plastic is “molten” into the edges and creates the wireframe look. The edges glow in the dark up to 12 hours, so the watch can be read everytime without using LEDs. Under UV light, the edges shine brighter and make a nice eye-catcher in the club. The time reading occurs by an analog display. The watch hands are made of different sized transparent discs, outlined by the same edges as the watch. Between these two outlines are 12 indicators helping to read the time. The inner ring, pointing exactly at the indicators, stands for the minutes. The outer one, less precisely readable, stands for the hours. The straps are fastened by regularily placed magnets inside them. Time setting buttons are on the backside of the case and don’t disturb the minimalistic appearance.

2012 Wires Watch Concept Design Futuristic Wires Watch Concept Design Samuel Jerichow Wires Watch Concept Design

TokyoFlash Wires Watch Concept Design
Design by Samuel Jerichow [via]


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