Centric One-Hand Watch Concept by Anders

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On August 17, 2012
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Centric One Hand Watch
Centric One-Hand Watch Concept by Anders

Anders says: This is Centric, an attempt at a one-hand watch concept. I’ve been wrestling with the idea for a while, trying to get it to work, and this is the result. I’ve tried to keep the styling subtle to correspond to the mechanical simplicity of the design.

Time is told by a single hand that rotates like a standard watch to indicate the minutes, and slides radially to indicate the hour; inward 00:00-12:00, outward 12:00-00:00. A tritium cross on the hand matches the tritium dial and aids readability, both during the day and at night.

Centric should appeal to fans of unusual takes on classic design cues. The tritium dial and steel body gives it an almost military feel, while the single hand lends a minimalistic touch. It is clearly a man’s watch, but slightly different styling should be able to make it suitable for women as well.

The main selling point of this concept is the deceptively simple time telling, which gives it a unique flavour and a very clean look. The simplicity and the solid materials should also make it quite durable, like a militaresque design should be.

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Anders Centric One Hand Watch Concept Design Unique
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