Compact Caravan Concept by Heather

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On August 31, 2012
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Compact Caravan
Compact Caravan Concept by Heather

The Compact Caravan is a caravan designed for a family of 3. It breaks the mould and challenges the drab, white, boxy designs that currently dominate the market. The Compact Caravan offers users many features that today’s models don’t. This includes a slide-out elevated outdoor area with roof, mosquito net and pull down seats; an aesthetic very different to the 4-walled box design of others; and the choice of different colour combinations to allow users customisation according to their ersonal taste. Its body is also streamlined which allows better connection with the styling of a car and also offers greater efficiency and a decrease in tow ball weight. The Compact Caravan includes many innovative features that make it stand out from the currently very generic caravan market.

I was inspired to design the Compact Caravan when I realised the gap in the current caravan market. Traditional caravans are usually off-white, boxy eyesores that do not allow users much customisation and don’t offer many innovative outdoor facilities. The target market for this project is young couples. I looked very closely at how these younger families interact in and around the caravan, with a direct focus on the internal and external core tasks that they perform. I created the Compact Caravan based on these needs. My psychographic research concluded that their time was mostly spent participating in activities and staying outdoors. Current caravans don’t seem to facilitate for this trend. There was no need to design a caravan that was large and bulky. The Compact Caravan allows the user to have the comforts of home while being efficient and organised when on their travels.

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