Gardening Chair Design Concept by Han S. Hong

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On August 23, 2012
Last modified:August 17, 2012


Gardening Chair
Gardening Chair Design Concept by Han S. Hong has been designed to support the action and movements that take place during home gardening. Squatting, getting up and down, moving short distances or leaning to a desired direction are the most repeated and difficult movements. Especially for the older people, Gardening Chair helps maintaining the user’s garden easier and more enjoyable by making those movements easy. This design is simple as it looks.

The core steel-spring works as height adjusting mechanism while providing suspension to the body. The spring can accommodate the height difference up to 4 inches which gives the height range from 14” to 18”, the upper seating portion also provides grips for stability and balance. Its seat and hand grips are shaped to contours to the user’s body for optimal comfort. The lower portion has a rounded base to support rocking and leaning motions and the empty space below the spring can be used as temporary storage. Three spring loaded spherical wheels give the design a large range of motions and maneuverability. When the user sits on the chair, the spring loaded wheels retract into the base allowing the user to rock safely. After the user is finished using Garden Chair as a stool, it can easily be rolled around on pathways.

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Han S. Hong Gardening Chair Design
Design by Han S. Hong


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