Morph Number Watch Concept by Romain

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On August 17, 2012
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Morph Number Watch
Morph Number Watch Concept by Romain

Romain says:
I had the idea of this watch by seeing people walking around with a Morphsuit, a very thin and very stretchy suit. I thought it would be nice with a watch.
This watch seems to be made of one piece, because it is covered with a stretchable tissue . The wristband is made of rubber or silicone, so it fits to any wrist. It is very easy to tell the time : you click on the button at the bottom (which is hidden by the tissue) and the watch will successively take the shape of the four time numbers. Inside the watch, six spindles move and stretch the tissue to make the shape of the numbers.

I think this watch is for anyone who want a discrete watch but nevertheless eccentric and different from other watch. Moreover, it is possible to access to many variations : it just needs to put a tissue with different motifs.

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Romain Morph Number Watch
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