OHEA Smart Bed Concept Design

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On August 15, 2012
Last modified:August 13, 2012


OHEA Smart Bed Concept Design Ideas
OHEA Smart Bed Concept Design is the innovative technology equipped in this bed enables it to automatically straighten the bedding: the bottom sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcases. It takes only 50 seconds for this bed to make itself.

There are mechanisms that you can use with OHEA Smart Bed:
1. Automatic
Simply set the switch on the bed-frame to automatic and just 3 seconds after you get up, this bed will start making the bed automatically. If it was us, we don’t think we will switch back to manual every again.

2. Manual
Set the switch to manual if you don’t want this bed works automatically, it’ll wait until you press “go” button from the remote control before it takes some actions.

Design by OHEA


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