Smart Connection Watch Concept by Gabriel

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On August 3, 2012
Last modified:August 3, 2012


Smart Connection Watch
Smart Connection Watch Concept by Gabriel

Gabriel says:
I was thinking for a while about a concept watch which would let me be connected to my smartphone with a Tokyoflash sci-fi touch and I came with this concept simply called “Smart connection“.

This concept has a very minimalist look with its curved display and a hole in the center. The center hole is hiding some LEDs which will light up for any phone call, messages, or any notification from any apps on your smartphone.

So you could be notify of any message or event invitation on your social media, any weather emergency alert, or even when your best sport player is playing at the Olympic games!

For the technic, I would use colored touch sensitive E-paper technology which can bend and have any shape without seeing the segments. The watch would use Bluetooth to send information from your smart phone to the watch. This device would be also awesome to allow you to control your music on your computer where ever your are at home or office, or answer your call thanks to the integrated speakers and mic in a hands free way.

Futuristic Smart Connection Watch Concept Design Smart Connection Watch Concept TokyoFlash Smart Connection Watch Concept 2012 Smart Connection Watch

2013 Gabriel Smart Connection Watch Concept
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