Square Root E-ink Watch Concept by Cory Farris

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On August 15, 2012
Last modified:August 13, 2012


Square Root E ink Watch
Square Root E-ink Watch Concept by Cory Farris

Cory says:
Geometric patterns, particularly squares and triangles are everywhere, one just has to look. Why not use the interplay between these two shapes as a time telling method.
The E-ink design has an overlay of permanent lines running throughout the face of the watch. The display thickens these lines in places to form digits, simply view each zone from left to right to read the time displayed.

Those who are intrigued by the geometric patterns reflected in the natural, and man-made world would enjoy this design.
Giving the E-ink display an interesting twist, this watch at first confuses the eye with its intersecting lines and patterns. Nevertheless, once the viewer focuses on the thicker lines in the display, the time becomes recognizable at a glance.

Cory Farris TokyoFlash Futuristic Square Root E ink Watch Concept Design
Design by Cory Farris [via]


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