The Kisai Driver Watch Phone Concept by Firdaus Rohman

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On August 23, 2012
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Impression The Kisai Driver Watch Concept
The Kisai Driver Watch Phone Concept by Firdaus Rohman

Firdaus says: This is a watch phone ( design for Tokyoflash Japan. Code named Kisai Driver (abbreviation for Driving Revolution), this watch phone design uses custom Google’s Android operating system and has features like most of today’s smart watches.

Kisai Driver is specially designed and inspired with futuristic and uniqueness, two elements that cannot be separated from Tokyoflash. Since the nature of Tokyoflash is all about deviant from mainstream trend in watch fashion, the challenge in designing Kisai Driver is a bit tough. The design should be new and innovative from any other watch phones in the market and at the same time retains the elements and functionality of a watch phone.

Kisai Driver will have a proprietary app called (code named) Zone. Zone is an application that shape and control the ecosystem of Kisai Driver GUI. The main element of Zone is the watch display, which means the ecosystem will show the watch display as home screen by default, during idle and stand by.

Whether you are gadget freak, design enthusiast or tech wiz, Kisai Driver delivers modern technology and futuristic design that gives unique fashion statement to the wearer.

Kisai Driver is carefully designed to be unique, futuristic looking and at the same time ergonomic and classy. The curved display is very eye friendly and the long display allows convenient text messaging for this small form factor device. The camera is located at a nice place for making video call like in spy agent movies or to take own picture and share it to social media.

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Firdaus Rohman Kisai Driver Watch Phone Concept
Design by Firdaus Rohman [via]


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