Aurora Analogue-Crescent Watch Concept by Jordan

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On September 4, 2012
Last modified:September 3, 2012


Aurora Analogue Crescent Watch

Designer descriptions:
Jordan says: I’ve always been interested in the moon and it was something I wanted to project into a wristwatch design. The moon has been used many times before on the blog but not yet (I think) as an analogue-crescent style.

The watch has dual all-around-the-wrist lines similar to the of the recently-released Kisai Online watch designed by Sam. This watch is thin, much thinner than most of the other Tokyoflash Watches and allows the watch to be light and comfortable.

The face is rather plain, consisting of only 1 line. It is an always-on display and shows in an analogue style. It points to the hours with the closed end at the start of the crescent and the minutes with the open end of the crescent. Reading the time is very simple when you know how.

This watch could appeal to anybody due to its simple yet unique looking face with a recognizable figure – the moon!
The simplicity and ease of reading makes this design stand out from many other designs. This watch is simple yet stylish.

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Jordan Aurora Analogue Crescent Watch Concept Design
Design by Jordan [via]


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