Birds & Eggs Toy Concept by Hakan Gursu Design Nobis

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On September 14, 2012
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Birds Eggs Toy
Birds & Eggs Toy Concept by Hakan Gursu Design Nobis

Designer descriptions:
Birds&Eggs creative toy set allow children to create various birds with gathering different stylized body pieces. Designed for children above the age of 5, it is a universal toy that children from different cultural backgrounds learn and discover living animals while also designing their own birds. Set consists of head, neck, body, wing, tail and feet pieces. There are 24 characteristic bird heads including duck, owl, parrot, pelican and more. Parts are interchangeable and create an option set, which in the end enables creating thousands of bird types

Birds’n Eggs designed by Dr. Hakan Gursu, this design has won A’ Design Award Winner for Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Category in 2011.

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Design Nobis Child Birds Eggs Toy Concept Designer Hakan Gursu
Design by Hakan Gursu (Design Nobis)


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