Cassiopeia LED Watch Concept by Sam F

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On September 18, 2012
Last modified:September 19, 2012


Cassiopeia Watch
Cassiopeia LED Watch Concept by Sam F

Designer descriptions:
Sam says: A good timepiece should be stunning and attention-grabbing without being confusing. I was drawn to a concept that grouped lights by location, and realized that sorting the LEDs by color the design would be even more abstract and interesting, and stay simple to read.

Named and shaped after the constellation Cassiopeia, the timepiece features colored LEDs twinkling like stars. Though abstract and mesmerizing, the time is simply read by counting the number of individual lit colors. The watch is shown with, but not dependent on, an open style band.

The stylish, bracelet style design works across very different styles without looking generic. Turn on the display, and it grabs attention at a club or trade show, without losing a touch of class. Let it time out, and it blends in with more subtle attire.

It’s a straightforward, colorful, bracelet-type design that stands out from everything on the Tokyoflash front page, without deviating from the technical aesthetic.

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2012 Futuristic Cool Cassiopeia LED Watch Concept Design
Design by Sam F [via]


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