Degrees Analog Watch Concept by Samuel Jerichow

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On September 21, 2012
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Degrees Analog Watch
Degrees Analog Watch Concept by Samuel Jerichow

Designer descriptions:
This is a concept for an unusual interpretation of an analog watch. It works with a traditional mechansim but the display doen’t look traditional at all.

You read the watch like an analog watch. But the watch hands touch both ends of the display, so how do we tell, which end is important? The watch hands have been moved away from the center. Imagine you go from the center to the watch hand, perform a CLOCKWISE rotation in your mind, then you find the important end of the watch hand. That end points at the well known analog watch indicators.

Moving both watch hands away from the center and extending them until the display limits creates interesting situations. Using an edgy case and a square display removes all traditional elements of an analog watch.

This watch can be worn by men and women and by serious or funny people, depending on the colors. If you like minimal arts, you might like this watch too.

It is a minimalistic re-interpretation of the analog watch with an artistic, interesting looking display which is confusing at first but easy to get used to.

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Samuel Jerichow Degrees Analog Watch Concept Designers
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