eSSAGE Massage Suit Concept by Andre Cofield

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On September 26, 2012
Last modified:September 23, 2012


eSSAGE Massage Suit Concept by Andre Cofield

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eSSAGE Massage Suit Concept by Andre Cofield is a conceptual design of an industrial design student at Art Institute of Philadelphia. It’s been designed as part of class project to design a high tech, high touch product design. eSSAGE, a wireless massage suit unit with Wi-Fi capabilities and remote control so that the person wearing it can receive a massage from anyone in the world, or just set it to run an automated massage pattern. Wi-Fi signals from across the world can be transmitted by whomever is at the controls to give a soothing massage. Tiny micro controllers then translate these signals into pure comfort from anywhere in the world with internet access. Using our patent pending EAP massage pads, eSSAGE massage suit is able to deliver a precise and accurate massage as if they hands were right there on your skin.

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Andre Cofield eSSAGE Massage Suit Concept Deisgner
Design by Andre Cofield


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