Hybrid MKII LCD Watch Concept by Peter Fletcher

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On September 18, 2012
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Hybrid MKII Watch
Hybrid MKII LCD Watch Concept by Peter Fletcher

Designer descriptions:
This is “Hybrid MKII” a redesign of “Hybrid watch” which featured on the blog back in March 2012.

The original design combined both LCD (or LED) with a mecahnical analogue movement. The analogue part of the design utilised a metal disc with the LCD hour blocks mounted into it. The disc rotated to highlight the mins. The seconds were shown by LCD segments in a ring around the disc. The disc proved to be the designs achilles heel due to technical and cost implications.

The MKII versions does away with the metal disc all together, whilst keeping the time telling method exactly the same. This time around the hours are shown by a two piece analougue hand. One part of the hand acts as a background contrasting against a mettallic background layer, above this background hand is a mettallic LCD layer which hides the hand when the segments are turned on. The segments are turned off in rings to show segments of the background hand below. The second part of the hand lives above the LCD and helps frame the segments and highlight the mins like a conventional analogue hand. The mettallic backgrond layer and mettallic LCD replicates the metal disc of the original design, this is aidded by an embosed glass lens again sharing a similar shape to the original disc. The seconds are displayed like the original design by a ring around the outside of the dial in the same manner as the hours. The LCD segments are turned off showing a contrasting background layer below.

Like the original design the simple visual language is traditional in its form and proportions so shouldn’t scare off traditionists, while the addition of the LCD (or LED) element gives the design a contempory feel that hopefully will attract the more adventourous.

This design will hopefully stand out due to its simple time reading method and combination or new and old. Using two technologies that are tried and tested should add feasability to the designs credentials. The form also lends itself to pre-existing watch housings, again adding to the viability.

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Peter Fletcher Hybrid MKII LCD Watch Concept Designer
Design by Peter Fletcher [via]


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