Keysay Watch Concept by Jose Manuel Otero

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On September 21, 2012
Last modified:September 19, 2012


Keysay Watch
Keysay Watch Concept by Jose Manuel Otero

Designer descriptions:
To design Keysay watch, I used a simple geometry, almost elemental, functional, versatile and compact. i mean technology better suited to this type of watch is the “touch screen” similar to that used in the “smartphones” but may consider other alternative technologies that work well. Keysay watch can be evolved at various levels, but for now is just a watch that has initially the following features: Hours, minutes and seconds Day of week, date, month and year Mode time in 12 or 24 hours Moon phases and time display mode “am” Rotate screen Chronometer.

By default, the display information is done with the symbols shown in the attached images, and of course this does not mean that the user has to learn this “new code”, fortunately, now in almost every household there a computer with your conventional keyboard, so we are quite familiar with these symbols and their meaning unconsciously, by that, I think with minimal practice does not have to touch the screen of your Keysay watch to display the translation numbers and read the time correctly. This code of 10 symbols work like a computer screensaver, when you touch the screen goes to the background and after a specified time (for the case of the watch estimated at about 10 seconds) is turned back on. This feature makes it unique screensaver presentation time can be disabled or enabled by the user if you do not want your watch to be the focus of attention between your friends and subject of conversation to casual observers.

Keysay watch initially, does not present conventional time reading, but it does show a urban personality, contemporary and cosmopolitan, more or less sporty depending on the materials used for manufacturing (steel, rubber, aluminum, acetate, etc.)

There are several features that can make a Keysay watch unique, but perhaps the “rotate screen” (do not confuse with the “accelerometer” sensor of mobile or graphics tablets), is the feature that makes it special. most watches are designed for use on left or right wrist, and in each instance, this implies a change in the physical design of the watch. this feature solves this problem because used by a right handed person or left-handed, or when the user ever decide to change the watch to his right wrist, you just touch the rotation symbol on the screen and automatically it rotates 180 degrees while keeping all its functionality and appearance.

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Jose Manuel Otero Keysay Watch Concept Designer Award
Design by Jose Manuel Otero


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