Abandon Apocalyptic Watch Concept by Colby

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On October 7, 2012
Last modified:October 3, 2012


Abandon Watch
Abandon Apocalyptic Watch Concept by Colby

Designer descriptions:
The idea for the “Abandon” came from a long time obsession with anything post-apocalyptic. Recently there’s been an abundance of movies, series and games which embrace nuclear fallout, zombie or robotic-alien themes. When challenged with the task of designing a watch, this was a strong influence.

The design resembles that of a stealth fighter jet and the strap has a robotic-spinal flare. Minutes/day are displayed by digits, and hours/month by the outer ring of bars above it. There’s a solar power component, daily countdown function, and LED’s indicate low battery, provide a finder light and light source.

Despite being themed for a post-apocalyptic, militant, science fiction genre, this design should appeal to everyone with an appreciation for offbeat, unconventional design. The Abandon isn’t targeted at any specific gender either, so if you’re bold enough to wear it, you’re bound to turn heads.

Many existing designs embrace a very clean, conservative and minimalistic ideology. This watch breaks convention by introducing a style that appeals to the more daring and expressive sides of people. With Aluminium being used for the strap and face, the Abandon is light and still portrays a very solid construction.

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Colby Abandon Apocalyptic Watch Concept South Africa Designer
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