AirWatch Float Watch Concept by Pawel

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On October 10, 2012
Last modified:October 10, 2012


AirWatch Float Watch Concept by Pawel

Designer descriptions:
Years ago a watch with full color matrix display was considered futuristic, now it is state-of-the-art. However, transparent displays are uncommon and still appear futuristic to us. An idea of a transparent watch is fascinating to me. This is a design of a futuristic watch showing time in midair which is possible to make with contemporary technology. The watch shows analog time on an LCD (or OLED) display.

This is a unisex design for everyone who likes futuristic and/or minimalistic watch design and appreciate the rare effect of having time shown in midair. Since there are necessary opaque parts like battery, a transparent watch design is a challenging design.

Current watches on the market use a transparent display in an opaque housing. Their design does not make the watch close to invisible but creates an awkward window-to-the-wrist-effect.
By contrast, this watch design contains all opaque parts in the middle (the housing has realistic 12 mm diameter) and uses a frameless transparent LCD (or OLED) display. This creates the desired effect of a virtually invisible watch showing time in midair.

2012 Futuristic AirWatch Float Watch Concept Designs Innovative Wrist AirWatch Float Watch Concept Design Pictures

Pawel AirWatch Float Watch Concept Germany Designer Images
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