Chronicle Analogue Ninja Watch Concept by Firdaus Rohman

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On October 10, 2012
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Chronicle Analogue Ninja Watch
Chronicle Analogue Ninja Watch Concept by Firdaus Rohman

Designer descriptions:
Dated back in 2011, I designed this watch but hesitated to submit it to the TFJDS blog. I was afraid it might look quite similar to Uzumaki concept design. Recently during digging some old files in my computer, I stumbled upon this design and thought to give it a chance and submit it this time considering it doesn’t actually look similar to realized version of Uzumaki.

This is an analog watch design with EL backlight. Inspired by some element in Japanese manga and anime, this design might appeal to those who love ninja and samurai theme as it resembles shuriken, ninja symbolism, and cursive eye.

I think people who like Uzumaki design might find this design appealing too. A good alternative to Uzumaki watch with more prominent, brave and bold fashion statement.

This watch design is feasible to be made. The dials can be made the same way as Uzumaki’s. I can say, like the Rogue watch has its brother Rogue SR2, Uzumaki watch can also has its brother, I name it Chronicle watch design.

Firdaus Rohman Modern Flash Chronicle Analogue Ninja Watch Concept Malaysia Designer

2012 Futuristic Chronicle Analogue Ninja Watch Concept Designs Ideas
Design by Firdaus Rohman [via]


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