Futuristic Strip Watch Concept by Henry

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On October 10, 2012
Last modified:October 10, 2012


Futuristic Strip Watch
Futuristic Strip Watch Concept by Henry

Designer descriptions:
I wanted something unique than a traditional round or square watch. Watching some sci-fi movies I liked the idea of a stretch/oblong face. Afterwards I tried to make it simple to read and design while having a futuristic look and have the face able to flip for right wrist wearing.

The band and case will be metal. Touch the round metal button to display the time, hold to display date. On the other end of the unit will be the two setting button to adjust the time, format 12/24 hour, date, and left or right wrist.

I’m designed it for people like me who wants something a little more unique. I also aimed it at people who likes the sleek futuristic look on a watch.

The unique design is not found in any place. The simplicity of the time should be easily read by anyone while still maintaining the unique and futuristic look.

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Henry 2012 Futuristic Strip Watch Concept USA Designer
Design by Henry [via]


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