Half Watch LCD Watch Design Concept by Scheffer Laszlo

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On October 23, 2012
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Half Watch LCD Watch
Half Watch LCD Watch Design Concept by Scheffer Laszlo

Designer descriptions:
What sort of watch display would make heads turn? Perhaps one that looks like only half a watch. The hexagonal case of the “HALF WATCH” is split vertically so that the LCD display screen takes up only the right-hand portion of the hexagon.

This distinctive shape allows for easier time reading. The twelve hours, shown along the outer perimeter, can easily be read/counted, as there is room for 4 hours along each of the three edges. The sixty concentric minutes are displayed in the interior, twenty along each edge, with a longer segment to mark off every 5 or 10 minutes, also easing the counting.

There are some geometric accents on the case above and below the display, inspired by the orientation of the hexagon. These add to the decor, and also allow the case to better accommodate a metal strap. The watch has a backlight feature, and is shown here in black and in silver.

2012 Futuristic Half Watch LCD Watch Design Concept Ideas

Scheffer Laszlo Modern Half Watch LCD Watch Hungary Designer Concept
Design by Scheffer Laszlo [via]


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