Karaoke Watch Concept by Andrew

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On October 10, 2012
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Karaoke Watch
Karaoke Watch Concept by Andrew

Designer descriptions:
Karaoke a speaking watch that features a LCD or E-ink display screen. This design inspired by the Speaking Clock telephone service which anyone can call on the telephone & find out the correct time: United Kingdom. This watch come preloaded with the official language of your country of origin further languages & guest voice can be uploaded from the Tokyo Flash Website via a USB port/ cable.

The screen does not display a representation of the Time instead it displays a graphic simulation of the voice / sound form that is generated when user press the Speak / Back Light button. So the Time, Alarm digits / letters are spoken out loud instead of being displayed on the Screen via a Loud Speaker Built in to the Watch face. Date: Day Monday-Friday, Month January-December,Date 1st-31st & Year.

This watch will appeal to anyone who owns a smart mobile / cell phone especially. Furthermore this watch can also be worn by those who are visual impaired or by a person who is Blind. as this watch speaks the Time, date or Alarm instead of displaying it.

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