Lancia Bordo Car Concept by Thomas Gilbert

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On October 24, 2012
Last modified:October 23, 2012


Lancia Bordo
Lancia Bordo Car Concept by Thomas Gilbert

Designer descriptions:
“As a designer one of the things I enjoy most is taking automotive brands and approaching them in different ways, looking at their core values in a new light or re-interpreting their design cues. Bordo is a styling project which tries to imagine a shift in design direction for Lancia, a brand I’ve always been especially passionate about. Central to the Bordo’s design is a core feature line which circulates around the entire car, vanishing only through the volumes over each wheel. I wanted this almost flat line to set a focused, dynamic stance.

The car’s overall form is quite soft and organic, with this line being the only hard-sculpted feature of the body-side. My aim was for it to be striking through its simplicity and purity – free of visual “clutter” so that it can be as bold and dramatic as possible.
I wanted every feature of the car to interact with this line (which gives the car its name, ‘Bordo’ meaning a border line or margin). For example the car’s ‘face’ is tucked beneath it like a hard brow-line, referencing the iconic Delta. The widened and split shield-grille is flanked by piercing circular headlamps. My aim here was to create a wide, assertive face, but one which also has a charming playfulness.

At the rear, I also tried to to maximise the the car’s apparent width, with the feature line forming the full-width rear lamps. The split cockpit, wrap-around screen, sculpted side-exit exhausts and large carbon diffuser are intended to communicate that this is a focused driver’s car.

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Design by Thomas Gilbert


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