Leftovers LCD Watch Concept by Jens

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On October 10, 2012
Last modified:October 10, 2012


Leftovers LCD Watch
Leftovers LCD Watch Concept by Jens

Designer descriptions:
The concept is called Leftovers since the presentation of time (or date) is based on what’s left when you remove the figures.

By emphasizing on what’s not seen, the display tricks the eye and mind. Instead of seeing numbers there are (almost) incomprehensible shapes of blocks.

The time is shown in three columns, one for hours, one for minutes and one for seconds.

The secret is to imagine the hidden outlines of the figures. For those who prefer a more easy-read watch or need some time to get acquainted with the concept, there is a reveal mode.

With the brushed metal case, pleated bracelet and bold figures in reveal mode, it is worn as a designer piece of those who like to do an understated statement. In standard mode it is more a matter of showing off your skill in interpreting something more or less obvious.

2012 Futuristic Leftovers LCD Watch Concept Design Ideas

Jens Leftovers LCD Watch Concept Sweden Designer
Design by Jens [via]


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