Maori Ethnic Watch Design Concept by Yatin

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On October 10, 2012
Last modified:October 10, 2012


Maori Ethnic Watch
Maori Ethnic Watch Design Concept by Yatin

Designer descriptions:
Basically, I am a tattoo artist and designing is my passion one fine morning one of my friend Hemant came to me with this design challenge and we both sat together and studied the the designed by various artist and decided to create watch representing the culture of different countries their traditional designs.

The design i have submitted represents cultural design of New Zealand. The time evolve around the design of turtle & around its fins.

The people having tattoos or love tattoo art will defiantly fall for it even women’s fancy a tattoos.

The Most appealing part of my design is the culture evolving around the people and cultures of different part of the worlds and i am planing to create more designs representing all cultures of the world so i believe this will put the brand on international era and slowly spread its magical wings beyond international boundaries.

2012 Modern India Maori Ethnic Watch Design Concept Ideas

Yatin Futuristic Maori Ethnic Watch India Designer Concept
Design by Yatin [via]


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